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Thank you for inquiring about our Dogs available for adoption. Almost Heaven is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) (non-profit) organization, active on the East Coast of the U.S. Our goal is to find "forever homes" for orphaned Dogs of all breeds, genders, and ages. We specialize in rehoming Senior and Special Needs Dogs. We also provide hospice and sanctuary for those who enter our program and do not find their forever home. Though it is our goal to help as many dogs as absolutely possible, we remain true to our roots, and no purebred Golden Retriever is ever turned away from our program.


Our orphans come from a variety of sources, including shelters and owner give-ups. We may have adults, and senior Dogs available for adoption. (There are advantages to a Senior dog. With a Senior, you get an older, more settled dog, one that is frequently housebroken, past the chewing age, and usually has had some training.) We rarely ever have puppies for adoption. Please do not apply if you are looking for a dog younger than 6 months of age - unless you see one listed on our adoption sites. It is not our usual policy to rehome puppies as we just are not set up to do so.


All dogs adopted from Almost Heaven are spayed or neutered. All dogs are current on vaccinations, have had fecal and heartworm test and are on heartworm preventative. We request a minimum adoption fee at the time of adoption to help offset our expenses, which currently average in excess of $400 for each dog we rescue. The minimum adoption fees range between $275 - $650, depending on the age and breed (or mix of breeds) the dog may be and are not negotiable unless individually noted on the animal's write-up (AHGRRS may request more for young purebred Goldens and for those dogs graduating from our obedience program). As we frequently do not actually know a dog's ancestry or age, we make our best estimate of both, usually with the help of our veterinarian. The adoption fees we charge help to cover the following expenses that dogs adopted from us may incur for veterinary care, grooming, and supplies:

• Spayed/Neutered Value $225 - $350 • Vaccinated for Rabies $20
• Vaccinated for Distemper/Parvo $50 (Dependent on the length of time the dog is with us, for maximum protection from these diseases, this vaccination is done in series of 2 or 3 vaccinations given at 3 - 4 week intervals) • Heartworm & Lymes Tested $45
• Veterinary Exam $30 • Worming $30
• Flea Protection $15 • New Collar & New Leash $20
• Heartworm Preventative $10 • Bath & Grooming $50

Additional expenses may include the following care, depending on the health of the dog when received at Almost Heaven:

• Heartworm Treatment $300 - $500 • Lymes Disease Treatment $50
• Treatment for common problems, such as ear infections, upset tummies, etc. $75

We also treat all dogs received for any obvious lumps and bumps, skin issues, eye issues, arthritis, etc.

Each dog is crate trained - so, the dogs are used to crating (which makes training and housebreaking a breeze), and we are willing to take the dog back (no adoption fee refunded), at any time an adopter is unable to continue caring for it - and we are available for questions, health and training tips, etc for the life of the dog.

We are not funded by the government, we are funded by donations, grants, and adoption fees. We think our fees are very reasonable - in fact, they are probably the best deal in town!


Please complete our adoption application so we can get to know you, your family and your lifestyle. The application must be completed in full to be evaluated properly. Incomplete applications will not be considered. We may require a home visit, and we do check references. (We will accept letters of approval from other reputable Rescue Groups.) The information you give us on your application will be helpful in determining the compatibility of the dog you have requested (or desire) with your life-style. Some dogs require specific circumstances and the needs of each individual dog are evaluated. A fence may be required for more active dogs or dogs who have had little or no obedience training or a tendency to roam. These dogs may need a safe, enclosed area for proper exercise and safe release of energy. Please understand that we have an ever changing population of dogs that are looking for homes. Dogs are placed with the home that best meets the dog's needs, NOT on a "first come, first served" basis. Your application may be mailed or for faster response - emailed to


Due to some very unfortunate circumstances in the past - we will no longer routinely adopt to families with children under age 8 years - or those families with regular visitors to their home under 6 years of age. We may make a special exception to this policy for an experienced, responsible adopter or adopting family. ALL members of the adopting family household must participate in the adoption/interview process (that means everyone must come out to meet the dog and be interviewed ). ALL members means spouse, children, and/or other household residents.

Please be prepared to adopt when you come out to visit. When you are approved, we expect that you are coming out in anticipation of adopting a dog. We understand you want to meet the dogs and that you may not find THE dog you are looking for here, but please don't come out if you really don't want to adopt until sometime in the future, or are "shopping" for just the right dog, etc. We just cannot hold the dog for you and it takes time away from other adopters who may be ready to adopt that day. And, depending on our time available - you may not be invited back a second time.

Should you be selected to adopt a dog from Almost Heaven, you must understand that you are making a COMMITMENT to that dog, and that you are prepared to give that animal at LEAST 2 weeks of your time, energy, and love in order to transition/settle into your home and lifestyle. If you cannot guarantee at least 2 weeks "transition and training time", you are NOT ready to adopt. Dogs are not sent home on a "TRIAL" basis.

We know you love your current dog, but we would really prefer that you leave your dog at home when visiting the Sanctuary. We will not place a dog with a home with other pets if we are not sure it gets along with other pets.


The health and temperament of the dogs have suffered because of indiscriminate and irresponsible breeding practices, so if you decide to purchase a puppy, we encourage you to research the breeders and avoid the pitfalls and dangers of backyard breeders and the puppy mills that flourish throughout the U.S.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility, one that you should be prepared to honor for the life of your dog. Careful consideration and planning should go into choosing the correct dog for you and your lifestyle. Almost Heaven successfully places many dogs each year, but it is difficult, if not impossible, to estimate how long it will take for you to find "just the right Golden". Many variables are involved, including the number of dogs in need. The more flexible you are to gender and other particulars, the more likely you are to quickly find the right dog for you. Please remember, our primary consideration is for the welfare of our dogs.


Return your application to: (Emailing your application speeds up the Adoption process)

Carol Free
Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc.
P.O. Box 648
Capon Bridge, WV 26711

Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary allows "out-of-state" adoptions. However, prompt transportation arrangements are the sole responsibility of the adopter.

Hours: By appointment only

**NO one will be admitted unless they are approved adopters - NO exceptions.

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