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Fred's Memorial
Fred ~ December 19, 2013

Fred was one of a kind. His obsession and fascination with chasing blowing leaves made him unique - and required storing baskets of leaves for those seasons when they didn't naturally fall off trees.

Fred was adopted and very loved by Judy and Scott (and their entire extended family) and is so very missed.

Sunny's Memorial
Sunny ~ November 29, 2013

After being condemned to death in another state, Sunny found refuge at AHGRR. But, he found love and a forever home with Debbie, who will miss him dearly.

Sunny you never set a wrong paw in all the time you were with any of us. Run free, old man.
~ Carol

Nakita's Memorial
Nakita ~ October 2013

Adopted and Adored
by Surina Kumar

Jackson's Memorial
Jackson ~ October 10, 2013

Jack - you were so nervous when you arrived -
so afraid - I think that explained your history
and why you came to us. I grew to love you
very much - and I miss you!
~ Carol

Daisy's Memorial
Daisy ~ September 8, 2013

You were not homeless, Daisy. Your home was
here - with me - and you were dearly loved
and will be tremendously missed.
~ Carol

Bailey's Memorial
Bailey ~ August 9, 2013

Adopted and Adored by Kelly McNulty

Quincy's Memorial
Quincy ~ August 6, 2013

Beloved Friend and Companion of Leslie Nickel

Brady's Memorial
Brady ~ July 26, 2013

Adopted, Loved, and Dearly Missed
by Ann-Marie and Patrick McGowan

Miss Penny's Memorial
Miss Penny ~ July 20, 2013

She taught us it is never too late in life to be loved.
Loved and Missed by David and Patty

Lady's Memorial
Lady ~ July 6, 2013

Adopted and Adored
by Ellan Thorson

Taffy's Memorial
Taffy ~ October 26, 2012

Our precious Taffy, You will live forever in our hearts.
~ The Randolph Family

Buddy's Memorial
Buddy ~ June 12, 2012

Adopted, Loved, and Greatly Missed
by Debbie Lohrmann and Family

Daisy ~ February 26, 2012

You will always reside in my heart.
~ Carol

Homer ~ January 31, 2012

Adopted and Loved
by Bill Stevens and Ann Marie Khinoo

Sissy ~ January 21, 2012

Adopted and Loved
by Glen and Charlene Lovejoy

DJ's Memorial
DJ ~ December 24, 2011

Adopted and Loved
by Leslie Nickel

Bubba ~ December 31, 2011

Adopted and Loved by Kim Wiff and Family
Always in the Hearts of Skip and Carol

Betsy ~ December 14, 2011

Adopted and Loved by
Debbie Lohrmann and Family

Eddie ~ October 20, 2011

Adopted and Treasured by
Pat and Lynn Forness

Huckleberry ~ October 17, 2011

Loved and Missed by Skip and Carol

Journey ~ September 10, 2011

To my mom and dad, I know the house will be empty but I
will always be with you. You will never find another one like
me but I know your heart can open to make another rescue
dog have a great life.
Thanks for all my great years. I love you all. I miss you all.
Our family will be reunited again at the Bridge- I promise.

Beamer ~ July 9, 2011

You will live on in our hearts. We're so sorry, Beamer ~ ~
Carol and Skip

Hank ~ June 29, 2011

We're so sorry we didn't have time
to give you the life you deserved.
We will see you at the Bridge.
Carol and Skip

Waldo ~ June 22, 2011

We'll see you at the Bridge - You were Loved
by Carol and Skip

Duke ~ April 28, 2011

Rescued and Loved
by Carol

Homer ~ March 3, 2011

Greatly Loved and Missed
by Skip and Carol

Tater Tot ~ March 13, 2011

Adopted, Loved and Missed
by Rosemary and Greg Soltis

Chewie ~ March 21, 2011

To our "real good lookin' boy...
" you brought us more happiness than we
could ever hope to repay.
Sorely missed forever by Bryan & Joan Leatherman
And sisters Booka Jane, Molly and Flair

Bailey ~ December 24, 2010

We lost our beloved Lord Bailey (rescued '07 from AHGRRS)
on Christmas Eve after 7 months of treatment for lymphoma.
We so hope that he is restored to health at Rainbow Bridge.
We miss you, Bailey.
your family at Morley Ridge Farm

Abbott ~ December 22, 2010

He loved his ball and he ruled our household!
We could not have had a better watchdog and
companion. We loved him dearly and he will be
missed more than we could ever put into words.
by the Schell Family

Buddy Green ~ December 12, 2010

Adopted, Loved, and Missed
by the Kelley Family


BabyGirl's Memorial
BabyGirl ~ November 26, 2010

Your needs were so few but you gave us so much.
We loved you from the day we met you.
We'll miss you, BabyGirl. Our lives are forever changed.
With love, from your entire family in Michigan
Adopted and Loved
by Mike and Angela Jarnigan.

Chelsea's Memorial
Chelsea ~ November 13, 2010

We miss you every day. Adopted, Loved, and Missed
by Sheila and Gordon Urquhart

Penny's Memorial
Penny ~ October 1, 2010

Loved and Cared for
by her foster Mom and Dad,
Rory and Carol Nansel.

King's Memorial
King ~ September 5, 2010

King - Our Funny Old Man
We will so miss your smile
and all the smiles you gave us.
Loved and Cherished by Skip and Carol

Admiral's Memorial
Admiral ~ September 3, 2010

Adopted and Adored by Joe and Karen Brunkala

Nicki's Memorial
Nicki ~ August 23, 2010

Our Beautiful & Beloved Nicki left us too soon.
Nicki & Dexter are together
& Both remain in our hearts forever!
~ Dale & Gary Nichols

Libby's Memorial
Libby ~ August 22, 2010

Adopted, Loved, and Missed
by Sheila and Gordon Urquhart

Allie's Memorial
Allie ~ August 19, 2010

She's gone to a better life at Rainbow Bridge.
Much Loved by Carol and Skip

Freddy's Memorial
Freddy ~ August 6, 2010

Adopted and Cherished by Ellan Thorson

Andy's Memorial
Andy ~ June 25, 2010

Loved and Missed by Carol and Skip

Scooby's Memorial
Scooby ~ June 14, 2010

Loved and Missed by Carol and Skip

Remmy's Memorial
Remmy ~ December 26, 2009

Adopted and Loved by Diane Muron & Jim Dennis

Bertie's Memorial
Bertie ~ December 22, 2009

Adopted and Cherished by Dave and Jody Evans

Sam's Memorial
Sam ~ December 3, 2009

Adopted and Loved by Pauline Woodall & Family

Miss Kara's Memorial
Miss Kara ~ December 2, 2009

Adopted and Adored by David and Patty Smith

Bennie's Memorial
Bennie ~ December 9, 2009

Adopted and Loved by
Jen, Rich, Aaron, and Wesley

Buck's Memorial
Buck ~ November 26, 2009

Buck was loved and will be sorely missed by Skip & Carol
~ He was not homeless - his home was here - with us

Jackson's Memorial
Jackson ~ November 21, 2009

Adopted, Loved and Missed by Tucker & Camela Foster

Sable's Memorial
Sable ~ November 18, 2009

Loved and is Missed by Debbie Lohrmann and Family

Mr. White's Memorial
Mr. White ~ November 14, 2009

Adopted and Loved by the Seelenbinder Family

Trevor's Memorial
Trevor ~ October 20, 2009

He was not homeless - he was very much loved.
He love us and we loved him more than
words can express. ~ Skip and Carol

Ziggy's Memorial
Ziggy ~ October 15, 2009

Loved and Missed by Sheila & Gordon Urquhart
and Skip & Carol

Bubby's Memorial
Bubba~ October 16, 2009

He will live in our hearts forever. ~ The Ellisons

Darby's Memorial
Darby ~ September 21, 2009

Adopted and Loved by the Coulson family

Murphy's Memorial
Murphy ~ August 31, 2009

Adopted and Loved by Kittie & Dan Lane

Karlie's's Memorial
Karlie ~ August 29, 2009

Owned and Loved Chuck Tressler

Jessie's Memorial
Jessie ~ August 17, 2009

Loved and Missed by Skip & Carol

Sunny's Memorial
Sunny ~ August 2009

Sam's Memorial
Sam ~ April 9, 2009

Moose's Memorial
Moose ~ April 2008

Adopted, Loved & Missed by the Urquhart family

Maverick's Memorial July 2009

Kenyon's Memorial April 18, 2009

Snoop's Memorial March 13, 2009

Charlie's Memorial March 2, 2009

Dusty's Memorial February 6, 2009

Angie's Memorial February 12, 2009


Jules' Memorial February 8, 2009


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