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Sadie May's Memorial
Sadie May ~ November 27, 2019

Sadie May was a gentle soul. She came into our lives September 9, 2017. Maria and I were blessed to be able to serve her and learn from her the subtle ways to read a dog. Love has no limits and Sadie proved that as she stole our hearts away.

Sadie was a talker. A low rumble growl of a Sadie Maygreeting but ever so higher with a bark for a walk. If Tigger sounded the alarm of Intruders she brought out her deep business bark ~ Then as the illnesses consumed her ~ First the Splenic sarcoma in August of 2019 followed by Cushing's ~ By then her voice was reduced to a raspy whisper, like Laryngitis. Still she loved her walks, although slower and shorter. She began to limp in November and could barely walk by Sadie MayChristmas. Then we learned the ugly truth of Osteosarcoma. Thepain became to much to walk and she peacefullycrossed the rainbow bridge on January 5, 2020.

She was a beautiful girl that will always be in our hearts.

~ Adopted, Loved & Dearly Missed by Matt & Maria

Casper's Memorial
Casper ~ November 27, 2019

You were a remarkably good boy. It felt like you were just waiting to find us to really blossom.CasperCasper loved his people and his kitty, and will be sorely missed by all of us.

At the exact moment we laid him in the ground, there was a double rainbow in the sky and the sun came out, so we know he found the Rainbow Bridge.

~ Loved & Dearly Missed by Linda & Kelly

Jake's Memorial
Jake ~ November 26, 2019

6 years ago, almost to the day, we adopted our sweet Jake from you. What a blessing he was. We called him our 'love hog' as we could do virtually nothing here at home without him closely at our feet! He was truly a gift! While our hearts are broken with his passing, we take comfort in recalling the wonderful 6 years we were able to be in his life and have him as a part of our family.

We will never forget our wonderful boy, Jake.

~ Loved & Dearly Missed by the Lewis Family

Riley Bear's Memorial
Riley Bear ~ August 28, 2019

Riley (aka Bam Bam) was the sweetest, gentlest and happiest boy. He loved everything and everyone. Riley enjoyed his toys, playing in the snow and with his little brother (a great mentor). He smiled all the time and was always making sure someone was nearby.
Riley filled our hearts and home with love, goofiness and happiness.
Thank you Carol and Almost Heaven for giving us the privilege to have Riley Bear in our lives. We will be forever grateful .

~ Loved & Greatly Missed by Lauri, David & Justin


Roxy's Memorial
Roxy ~ August 7, 2019

Roxxy was a sweet girl who was greatly loved and paid that back a thousandfold. She will be dearly missed, including by her "sister" Kara, who she bonded with from the first time she walked in our house.

~ Loved & Dearly Missed by Donna P. & Family

Chubbs's Memorial
Chubbs ~ July 24, 2019

You're a special guy and you put up a gallant fight but sadly the cancer won. Loved by everyone... You will be dearly missed and never forgotten.

~ Loved & Missed by Carol & the Friends of Almost Heaven

Biscuit's Memorial
Biscuit ~ May 6, 2019

With broken hearts we had to escort our sweet Biscuit to the Rainbow Bridge. He was the epitome of a southern gentleman. Biscuit knew no enemies, just friends he hadn't met that he welcomed to give him a pet. Impeccable house manners and the kindest disposition were beautifully wrapped up in a red Golden coat. He was known to insist on attention, even if it meant he had to be a stumbling block. Never any malice in him, he welcomed many visiting people and dogs with equal hospitality. Sadly, we knew next to nothing about his former life and he never told us his age. His life in our family began with a long road trip from AHGRR to our house when we adopted him.

To AHGRR, Carol, Thank You! We are grateful you allowed us to embrace this gem. We truly did our best to give him the best possible life, making up for what he may have missed out on before you rescued him.

~ Adopted, Loved & Greatly Missed by Edeltraud and Family

Chase's Memorial
Chase ~ April 28, 2019

Rest peacefully sweet Chasey. He was almost 15 1/2 yrs old, but in the last few weeks declined significantly...we spent all day in sunny Central Park letting him rest and sniff the breezy day...and gave him his fave snacks...

Chase Memorial

He was known as the Mayor of Saint George Court, the most famous dog on 96th street, but to us he was the most loyal, lovable, kind, sassy, stubborn, fun and well behaved good boy ever. Saying goodbye is an indescribable pain but knowing he is free of discomfort helps somewhat.

We were holding him til the end and will hold him in our hearts forever.

~ Deeply Loved & Missed by Michele and Family

Mason's Memorial
Mason ~ April 2019

Mason, you brought happiness into our lives. Never in my life have I felt a closer connection or bond with a dog as I had with you, I wasn't prepared for how difficult saying goodbye to you was going to be. You had a deep impact on our lives and I felt we were destined to come together, Almost Heaven made that happen, and I will always be forever grateful for that.

~ Deeply Loved & Missed by Eric and David

Pearl's Memorial
Pearl ~ April 2019

Pearl was a good girl and loving companion who delighted in car rides, hikes in the forest and belly rubs. We had a great time together and we were soul mates, it seems. I am so grateful that we found each other. She will be forever in my heart.

~ Adopted & Deeply Loved by Levy

Susan's Memorial
Susan ~ December 7, 2018

My sweet, black eyed Susan...who beat cancer for almost 3 years...finally lost the battle. Never was there ever a nicer bloodhound or furry friend.

~ Deeply Loved & Missed by Carol

Mr. Shadow's Memorial
Mr. Shadow ~ November 24, 2018

At 17 years old he still played with his stuffed toys and romped around. He was adorable and sweet always. Thanks to Almost Heaven for saving this gentle sweet soul all those years ago when everyone else thought a 9 1/2 year boy of his size was not worth it. He was with us 6 1/2 years and filled with so much love. He brought so much joy to our lives. I still can't speak of him with out tearing up.

~ Adopted, Loved & Greatly Missed by Sherry & Family

Blue's Memorial
Blue ~ November 26, 2018

Each and every day he was loved and he loved us back. He was a very unique boy and can never be replaced. Anyone who ever met him loved him, even our cat. Blue will ALWAYS be remembered! Although we only had a short time wtih him ~ during those 4 1/2 years, he brought joy, happiness and love into our lives.

~ Deeply Loved and Missed by the Palffy Family

Thank you, Almost Heaven, for giving us such a good pet and helping all those pets who need a home.

Jello's Memorial
Jello ~ November 24, 2018

You were with us such a short time. We were so hoping you would be able to find a loving new family of your own and enjoy a wonderful retirement.

~ Loved & Missed by Carol

Sienna's Memorial
Sienna ~ November 13, 2018

At 15 years, 6 months years old my sweet little biddy of a girl passed on. She had a wonderful 4 years with me and her fur siblings, and I am grateful for the opportunity to give her a joy-filled life, good home, love, and companionship. She was strong and loved being around other dogs and I am convinced of he having a huge crush on Keller (the deaf dog I adopted from Almost Heaven 10 years ago. He is now 12 and still going strong). She will be greatly missed.

~ Loved & Missed by her Dad, Jay

Sophie's Memorial
Sophie ~ September 27, 2018

Although too broken physically in your puppyhood for most adopters to accomodate your special needs, you found a home here ~ with us ~ and you were and will always be loved until the breath leaves my own body and we meet again at the bridge. Run free little girl ~ I miss you so much.

~ Loved & Missed by Carol Free

Cody's Memorial
Cody ~ September 22, 2018

Cody, my handsome boy, you were always the sweetest most loyal and well behaved boy. You loved to travel, roaming freely in the wooded area with a stream, and running along the shoreline during beach trips. My heart broke when you passed away in your sleep at age 14. You were special and have been a great loss.

~ Loved Very Much & Greatly Missed by Stephanie Dearing

Orson's Memorial
Orson ~ September 21, 2018

I'm will miss my cuddlebug lap dog. My heart's broken.

~ Adopted & Loved by Susan Vastyan


Dudley's Memorial
Dudley Randolph ~ April 12, 2018

Dudley Randolph
4/21/04 - 4/12/18

On Thursday 4/12/18 another infamous alumni of Golden Retriever Rescue, Dudley (14 years old), crossed over the ole rainbow bridge to be united once again with his siblings, Maggie and Baylee. He undoubtedly became the head of our Household from basically Day 1, which was 10 years ago at age 4. He was a tough guy who was gentle at the same time. Dudley was a sentinel who protected us against such neferious creatures as the garbage man, the UPS man, and the mailman. Such a great snuggle he was...especially on inclement weather days. We are very grateful for the many lessons he taught us along the way like taking an afternoon nap is a good idea. He was one to never turn down McDonald's chicken nuggets, a T&L hotdog with everything, good ole pepperoni roll, a good cheeseburger, or a Wendy's baked potato with chili.

Dudley was truly the best companion ever and he always gave so very much and asked very little in return. We'll miss Mr. Dudley more than imaginable, but we shall always cherish the wonderful memories that we have of our boy what a magnificent companion our Lord did create. We're sure He was glad to welcome him home. He was truly one hellacious warrior who fought the good fight. We can but say in retrospect as a fitting memorial tribute to a truly cherished member of the Randolph family "thank you for showing us the True power of unconditional love."

You'll forever be with us partner.

Rest In Peace dear Dudley

In Loving Memory, Gene and Claudia Randolph

Dudley Randolph


Teddy Too's Memorial
Teddy Too ~ August 5, 2018

Teddy, in the brief time you were with us, you were a total dear - gentle and easy going. We were saddened to say goodbye and wish we were able to spend more time with you.

~ Loved & Missed by Carol Free

Golden Bear's Memorial
Harley ~ April 30, 2018

Harley came into our lives late Dec 2008. We had recently lost our Golden, Ben, and needed another in our lives. Thanks to Carol & Skip Free, we were able to adopt Harley at the age of 8 months. He immediately started obedience classes and my husband, Tom, was in charge of that training. Tom took him through the CGC and TDI tests. Harley was an awesome dog. He loved visiting elementary schools and provided "therapy" for students as well as teachers. I took over training for obedience titles and he was able to earn a BN, CD, and rally titles. It was discovered a few weeks ago that Harley had cancer and up until the lst few days of his life, he was his usual busy energetic self. We will continue to love and miss this sweet soul forever. Thanks, Carol, for allowing us to adopt him.

~ Adopted, Loved & Missed by the Anderson Family


Golden Bear's Memorial
Golden Bear ~ April 20, 2018

Our Bear adopted my wife and was velcroed to her. He was pretty much never much more than 5 feet away from her. The whole time we had him he never barked at anything (except the squirrels he chased in his sleep). RIP Bear see you at the Rainbow bridge.

~ Adopted, Loved & Missed by the Martire Family


Chance's Memorial
Chance ~ March 31, 2018

You were VERY loved by everyone here and you will always reside in our hearts. You will be dearly missed by your human and canine friends alike.

~ Loved & Greatly Missed by Carol

Dempsey's Memorial
Dempsey ~ November 25, 2017

Dempsey was not the original dog my parents and I went to meet at Almost Heaven but we couldn't have been luckier when we left with him. Named after Tom Dempsey for his stubbed back foot, our Dempsey knew no bounds in enjoying life,Dempsey rolling in the grass from playing with his "lamby" toy, doing zig-zag runs, and rolling down hills to anticipating his kibble and green bean dinner, nosing for pets, and seeing the sunrise on the beach. Goofy, gentle, comical, and loving, he wanted nothing more than to hang out with his favorite people, particularly my dad Charlie and my nephew Callan, his two besties. He was without out a doubt the happiest dog I have ever met and we miss him tremendously.

Run free, Dempsey Doodle Dennis. We love you so much!
~ Anne Six and Family


Hank's Memorial
Hank ~ November 5, 2017

Hank was loved by everyone here and was a huge part of our family. He will live on in our hearts.

~ Loved & Dearly Missed by Carol

Jackson's Memorial
Jackson ~ October 6, 2017


A Life well Lived ~ well Loved ~ well Deserved.
Loyal such that it was I had to let him go
only after one last trip to the Suburu
"Where to now?" I have heard so often these past months.

'He is a special one'..and he was.

Gentle ~ Generous ~ Wise ~ Respectful ~ Handsome ~ Playful ~ Loyal ~ Graceful.

He pranced rather than walked. Listened rather than spoke. For those who feared, he

Puppy Jackson
bowed his head and let the little hands touch his soft crown and humbly moved on with their gleeful smiles echoing being him. There was light in his shadow...he was an angel. And I was blessed...but there are and will be tears. A chunk from my life was filled with his company and a chunk will be left with his memories. When I walk on paths coated in thick moss, I too will feel the glee and be reminded of his soft crown and the comfort of feeling him by my side. I believe in meadows of flowers and cool breezes and sent him to find the love of his life Cinder who will be there to greet him.

Until we meet again Jackson you will be comforted deep in my heart.

~ Loved and Deeply Missed by Nancy Meyers

Gabe's Memorial
Gabe ~ October 5, 2017

We lost our Gabe today. He's joined his buddy Henley across the rainbow bridge. We'll miss him dearly.

~ Adopted, Loved & Missed by the Coulson Family

Bear's Memorial
Bear Ellison ~ October 2, 2017

He was part of our family for the past 8 years (not long enough)! Bear was our protector, our companion, and in later years, our foot warmer.

~ Always in our hearts and always loved by the Ellisons

Lily's Memorial
Lily ~ October 2, 2017

You evolved into such a wonderful girl...running around the yard and playing almost all day every day. I hope you know how loved you were.

~ Loved & Deeply Missed by Carol

Rosie's Memorial
Rosie ~ September 16, 2017

She was one of the most gentle sweet souls on earth and she was very loved.....

~ Loved & Dearly Missed by Carol

Zeus' Memorial
Zeus ~ August 30, 2017

Zeus may have been turned into the rescue 2 times due to issues but that was just because he was waiting for his soul human...ME. There will never be another dog to fill my heart as completely as Zeus. I will love other dogs but Zeus will always be my soul dog. Until we meet again baby.

~ Loved & Deeply Missed by Juanita

Ruby's Memorial
Ruby ~ August 6, 2017

She was a beautiful Golden...the most beautiful and loving dog I've ever known. She loved life, treats, walks, and being with us and other dogs. I miss her very much. She's so in my heart.

~ Loved & Deeply Missed by Karen and Mike

Sniffy's Memorial
Sniffy ~ August 16, 2017

Though never formally adopted, Sniffy had a home here and he will always reside in my heart and memories.
Thank you Sniffy for so many smiles - for teaching me so much about bloodhounds - and autoimmune disorders.
You were and are loved ... My heart is truly broken.

~ Loved & Deeply Missed by Carol

Orion's Memorial
Orion ~ June 20, 2017

You were VERY loved by everyone here and you will always reside in our hearts. A sweeter soul has never existed - you will be missed by your human and canine friends alike.

~ Loved & Greatly Missed by Carol

Oscar's Memorial
Oscar ~ June 16, 2017

Although never adopted, he was not homeless and he will live forever in my heart. I miss that old, silly boy so much.

~ Loved & Dearly Missed by Carol

Henley's Memorial
Henley Chance ~ June 2, 2017

We lost our beautiful boy Henley Chance last night. He left this earth on his own terms and when we got home, we found him outside where he laid in the grass on a crisp clear day and crossed the bridge to heaven.

He loved being outside. Henley was 14 years old and he became our fur kid when he was 2. A wild boy who once chewed into the drywall and tore a door apart. He calmed down and as he grew became one of our most loyal loving dogs. We will miss him so much; but the stories and memories we have will definitely keep us smiling and laughing. We love you Hen.

~ Love, Joan and Family

Sunny's Memorial
Sunny ~ March 2017

Sunny spent his time with us being a great dog -- always ready to go for a long walk, eager to see his friends (the human ones especially -- in his mind, most dogs were kind of second-best) and he was determined to supervise all kitchen activities, with the hope that the cheese drawer might open and he might get a little snack. We're going to miss him for a long time.

~ Adopted, Loved & Missed by Linda, Don and Sara

George's Memorial
Smiling George ~ February 14, 2017

George died today - he went under anesthesia for surgery and we didn't wake him up. We knew he had a necrotic oral tumor but we didn't know his lungs, brain, and virtually every internal organ in his poor body was also full of cancer. The veterinarians called us with the horrific news - Had we allowed him to wake up - he wouldn't have been with us long and his death could have been horrific. There was NO chance for recovery. NONE. George was found shortly after the terrible tornadoes hit his home town in Georgia. Some very kind souls found George, dried him off, and kept him safe until he could come to us for more medical treatment. We're sorry George. We really tried. We wanted you to live, to run and play and catch the ball thrown just for your pleasure. We wanted you to know what it felt like to be loved - cherished, warm, dry, with a full food bowl. Run free, George - pain free and young again. Run free - --

~ With great sorrow Carol, Julie, and all that tried to help George

Willow's Memorial
Willow ~ January 13, 2017

My dear, sweet Willow. You will be missed more than one heart should have to bear.

~ Loved, cherished, and deeply missed by Carol

Rebel's Memorial
Rebel ~ October 17, 2016

He was just a big, goofy dog and very loveable. He loved his rawhide bones and going for car rides. He was a very oral dog and always had to have something in his mouth - whether it be carrying around bones or going into my dirty clothes hamper to grab what he could!

I'll miss you, my furry friend!    ~ Jay

Smiley's Memorial
Smiley ~ December 9, 2016

He was such a good boy and so polite. Even though we had a short time with him, we loved him very much. Smiley loved to go for walks and would get so excited when he would see his leash! He loved to lay in the bed and put his head on the pillow, and his favorite thing was beggin strips. That would really get his tail wagging! He was just such a happy boy and it was so hard to see him sick. I'm glad we could be there for him at the end ~ to love him, hug him, and kiss him. There will never be another dog like Smiley! He will be missed forever.

~ Adopted, Loved & Deeply Missed by the McCoy Family

Annie's Memorial
Annie ~ March 23, 2016

Annie was a gentle soul and will always hold a place in our hearts.

~ Adopted, Loved & Deeply Missed by the McCall Family

Mimee's Memorial
Mimee ~ October 2016

We only had a short time with Mimee to enjoy her. Our nickname for her was "Sweetie" because of her great demeanor. Except, of course when she would do a little tap dance while she was waiting to be fed! She will be missed...

~ Adopted, Loved & Deeply Missed by Peter & Family

Max's Memorial
Max ~ August 29, 2016

Max, we were so lucky to have your great friendship, unconditional love and devoted companionship. We have so many great memories! You were loved by every member of our family and will always have a special place in the hearts of many people, especially ours. I can't believe a dog could bring such joy and happiness to a family. We deeply grieve your passing, but are glad you are no longer in pain, and we take comfort in knowing we were able to give you a great and comfortable life with our family.

~ Adopted, Loved & Deeply Missed by the Yula Family

Major's Memorial
Major ~ August 11, 2016


Major came to us in 2006 at the age of about 2.5 yrs; he was skinny, undersized and rather timid, he had been chained up outside for most of his short life, apparently in all weathers, and his coat was consequently very thick. Despite all Carol's TLC, Major still had issues-he was afraid of steps, the television, the vacuum cleaner, and-like many canines-the sound of thunder. Despite all this, he quickly became a treasured member of our household and gradually overcame his fears. Over the next couple of years, with good feeding, he grew to the size of a normal healthy golden and his coat was a thing of beauty. People were constantly remarking on "this beautiful dog." Major was friendly with everyone and welcomed all who came to our house. Perhaps not the best watchdog, but you can't expect perfection, and his happy nature was far more precious than any protection instincts.

We have been blessed with more than ten years of great experiences with this dog. He travelled with us on all our many long camping trips, crossing the entire United States several times, always ready for a walk and a new adventure. He became Leo's shadow and followed him everywhere. If you wanted to find Leo, you just had to look for the dog! When Leo was out, Major would lie at the top of the stairs, waiting patiently for his best friend to come home.

In his later years, he slowed down considerably but still gamely went for his daily walk in the park and slept most of the rest of the day. When he developed vestibular disease he seemed to do quite well for a while with treatment, but suddenly started to "go downhill" very quickly. In mid-August 2016 it was discovered he also had cancer. It was with great reluctance and much sadness that we decided it was time to say goodbye. Major has taken a piece of our hearts, but has left behind so many wonderful memories that we will always treasure.

~ Loved and Missed by Patricia and Leo Deege

Rhett's Memorial
Rhett ~ September 13, 2016

Thank you for bringing these incredible dogs into our lives. You blossomed into a goofy, happy Big Dog. We will miss you Rhett.

Thank you for being a part of our lives.

Memories of Rhett & Ruffie:
"Reminded of Lessons" by Michelle Doell

~ Loved and Missed by the Doell Family

Bailey's Memorial
Bailey ~ May 27, 2016

Everyone who met Bailey commented on what a special dog he was. We thought so, too. Four months after we adopted him from AHGRR, Bailey was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that almost killed him. With a lot of trips to the vet and a whole lot of love, he pulled through. Life was never easy for Bailey, though. It seemed like there was always one ailment or another that we had to keep after, but he didn't let any of that get him down. He was such a kind, calm soul. His favorite thing was to go to the dog parks. Until we meet again, here's to Bailey running around pain and ailment free in that big dog park in the sky.

~ Loved and Missed by the Cherry Family

Decker's Memorial
Decker ~ 2016

Decker was adopted 13 years ago from Almost Heaven and was the BEST dog and GREAT companion. He will be greatly missed. We will meet again at Rainbow Bridge.
~ Loved and Missed by Ellan

Moses' Memorial
Moses ~ July 24, 2016

It's a very sad day as he was with Almost Heaven a very long time and was truly part of the family. I will look for you at the bridge. You were truly loved and will be deeply missed.
~ Carol

OMG Dog's Memorial
OMG Dog ~ July 8, 2016

We are missing a big chunk of our Yheart. You were truly loved and will be deeply missed.
~ Carol & Michael

OMG Dog's Memorial
Josie ~ June 21, 2016

Who taught me the meaning of
kindness and gentleness in everything you do.
~ Chris McLaren

Bo's Memorial
Bo ~ May 25, 2016

I will look for you at the bridge. You were very loved and are sorely missed..
~ Carol

Bessie's Memorial
Bessie ~ April 23, 2016

My little cookie muncher ~ my Bess. You were very loved and will be dearly missed. I'm heart broken.
~ Carol

Zoey's Memorial
Zoey ~ April 3, 2016

Sweet Zoey, you were Loved and Will be Dearly Missed.
~ Carol

Biscuit's Memorial
Biscuit aka Henry ~ March 18, 2016

Goodbye to my angel Biscuit whom I adopted in 2003 from Almost Heaven. He had a friend - pure bred german shepherd named Schatzi, whom I swear kept him going till the end. Loved and Missed.
~ by Cindy and Schatzi

Bear's Memorial
Bear ~ October 16, 2015

He was a special gift to our family from you. A very gentle soul who loved nothing more than playing fetch. We will miss him.
~ Loved and Missed by the Coulson Family

Rosie's Memorial
Rosie ~ March 15, 2015

From the day Rosie arrived, it was obvious she was always meant to be here. Her brother, Moses, was a bit of a snob when choosing his canine companions, but he and Rosie were inseparable from day one. Rose fell head over heels in love with her daddy. I have never seen a dog look at another human being with the amount of love shown in her eyes when she was close to him. He was always first in her heart. She left a big hole in all of our hearts when she left.
~ Loved and Missed by the Warner Family

Maple's Memorial
Maple ~ September 28, 2015

You beat the odds so many times, little man. You just didn't have one more left in you. Your "corner" is very empty without you. Until we meet again ~ I hope you know how loved you were.
~ Carol

Shelby and Brady's Memorial
Shelby (9/2015) and Brady (Summer 2012)

We were blessed with two specials dogs from Almost Heaven, the graceful Shelby (red) and the ultimate gentleman Brady. They brought us immense joy.
Both are Loved and Deeply Missed.
~ by the McGowan Family

Ripley's Memorial
Ripley (Ripper) ~ September 15, 2015

Approx 14 years young

My dear dear Ripper ~ losing you is one of the hardest things I've had to endure this year. There was nothing but sweetness in you ~ and though we tried to give you more time, your body was just worn out and couldn't fight any more. Wait for me, old man. Run free -
~ Love from your second Mom, Carol

Rex's Memorial
Rex ~ August 2015

You were loved every single day you were with me - just a gentle, sweet soul that sadly saw the horrors of lab experimentation - (the results of which finally killed you), and yet you could still open your heart to be loved - and give love. I will be looking for you at the Bridge, Rex - and until then, will carry your memory tucked safely within my heart.
~ Carol

Buff's Memorial
Ruffie aka Bodhi ~ August 24, 2015

You and your foster Mom, Amy, put up a gallant fight but the cancer won. It was incredibly hard to say goodbye to such a special boy. You will be deeply missed and never forgotten.
~ Carol

Ruffie's Memorial
Ruffie ~ July 3, 2015

To our sweet Ruffie... Despite all you went through before coming to us, you still taught us how to love unconditionally, to forgive others and how to live with pure joy in your heart.
Thank you for being the perfect Little Buddy and the sweetest creature we will ever know. It was an honor to be your family, your spirit will always fill our home and we know you will always be with us.
We love you more than words can express.
~ The Beckman-Doell Family

Chino's Memorial
Chino ~ June 2, 2015

It was a pleasure knowing you and you seemed to enjoy your time with us also. You will be missed dear boy!
~ Carol

Sadie's Memorial
Sadie ~ April 11, 2015

Sadie (Beans) came into our lives and we fell head over heels in love with that crooked smile and that beautiful wrinkled nose. She was a funny girl, always searching for attention where ever she could find it, and also the biggest snuggle bug and loved to curl up to have those beautiful ears rubbed. She would never leave a day complete without one of us laughing at her for something funny she did that day. She was pure happiness and it was contagious. Her little sister Lucy and Sadie were best friends and in the short time that we had her they truly became sisters... Unfortunately after a strong fight we lost our girl on April 11th to cancer. Our hearts are completely broken and we will never be the same without our Beans. She was always so happy, even on her last day she laid around multiple tennis balls with a smile and a tail that will always wag. She was a strong fighter and as hard as it was to say goodbye we know in our hearts she is at peace and pain free. Rest in Peace my sweet girl you will always be missed.....
~ Adopted and loved by the Ross Family

Chewie's Memorial
Chewie ~ September 2014

Our beautiful boy, Chewie! He was a kind and gentle soul, and brought such joy to our family. We are heartbroken without you. Loved and Deeply Missed.
~ by the Laderberg Family

Haylee's Memorial
Haylee ~ April 7, 2015

Haylee was such a sweet and gentle girl with the only goal in life to make others happy. She was able to share her kind and gentle spirit as a volunteer with pets on wheels for about a year. This little lady knew no strangers. At home she ruled and always reminded her 2 brothers who was in charge. Even though her illness came on fast her love will last in my heart for ever!
~ Diane Edwards (Haylee's Mom)

Baby's Memorial
Baby ~ March 25, 2015

An angel in a furry coat - everyone's friend - just a damned good dog. Wait for me Baby - I'll be looking for you at the Bridge!
~ Carol

Janey Grace's Memorial
Janey Grace ~ February 20, 2015

We will miss her as will her brother and sisters. She was a very special angel to all of us.
~ Marcia and Margaret Tester

Thor's Memorial
Thor ~ January 19, 2015

Saying Goodby to you, dearest Thor, is probably one the hardest thing I have ever done. I can't believe you're gone. You are deeply Loved and Missed.
~ by Carol Free

Mr. Crowley's Memorial
Mr. Crowley ~ January 16, 2015

It broke my heart in a lot of places having to say goodbye to you, beautiful boy. May you enjoy romping free of pain at Rainbow Bridge. You are deeply Loved and Missed.
~ by Carol Free

Jim Bob's Memorial
J.B. (Jim Bob) ~ November 19, 2014

After seeing his picture on PetFinder; it was love at first sight. He was much loved by our Family, in our neighborhood but especially by the children at Stoddert Elementary School where his fans would rush out each morning and afternoon to pet him. It was a blessing to have J.B. in our lives. He will be dearly missed.
~ The O'Donnell Family

Ol' Fella's Memorial
Ol' Fella ~ May 8, 2014

I still think of you every day. Adopted and Loved
~ by Leslie Nickel

Nina's Memorial
Nina ~ 2014

We bonded on our way home (from the rescue) over a ham & cheese sandwich and that was it. I was in love. Her gentle spirit touched everyone who ever met her. Our lives, and the lives of many of our friends, were blessed by the addition of this beautiful girl to our family. We will honor her memory by rescuing another giant breed baby and giving him or her a safe and loving home. Rescued dogs bring the gifts of unparalleled gratitude, joy and affection into the lives of their forever families. We can never give back nearly as much as we gain from our relationships with these precious souls.
~ Olga Watkins

Eddie's Memorial
Eddie ~ August 6, 2014

Raised, Adopted, Loved, and is Now Very Truly Missed
~ by Liz Brannan

KC's Memorial
KC ~ August 2, 2014

One of our longest sanctuary residents, 9 years.
KC, although you were too traumatized to find a
forever home. You were Much Loved by everyone at
Almost Heaven and will be Deeply Missed.
~ Carol

Poppy's Memorial
Poppy ~ July 28, 2014

Poppy was the best little dog I've known ~
and he will be soooooo missed.
~ Carol

Heather's Memorial
Heather ~ July 14, 2014

Adopted and Loved for 10 wonderful years.
~ by Candis Johnson

Lucky Bear's Memorial
Lucky Bear ~ May 18, 2014

Sweetest Girl - You will be dearly missed. We're so sorry we didn't have time to give you the life you deserved.
See you at the Bridge
~ Carol

Olive's Memorial
Olive ~ February 18, 2014

Our poor sweet little hound girl with the strange voice. Your health issues were such an uphill battle - we just never could seem to "fix" everything for you. In spite of it all - you seemed happy to the very end - - and you were VERY loved. I miss you "O" girl!
~ Carol

Diablo's Memorial
Diablo ~ February 17, 2014

I hope now you can find the happiness and peace that you so needed. You will be missed!
~ Carol

Hannah Bannana's Memorial
Hannah Bannana ~ February 17, 2014

Old girl - you were something else - a character. I only wish we could have given you that second chance you so deserved.
See you at the Bridge - Carol

Aubrey's Memorial
Aubrey ~ January 5, 2014

Adopted and Loved
by Leslie Nickel

Bea's Memorial
Bea ~ January 5, 2014

Bea ~ I can't believe you're gone. I had grown so attached and was so looking forward to sending you off to your forever home. So many people offered you a great home ~ I will thank them for you.
Run free my Bea ~ See you at the Bridge.
~ Carol


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