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P.O. Box 648
Capon Bridge, WV 26711

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About Us - Registered Charity

Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc., is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization based in West Virginia and is not affiliated with any other organization having the same or similar name.

Almost Heaven accepts senior or "special needs" Goldens from shelters, owner give-ups, and other rescues and is a refuge for those Golden Retrievers who otherwise may be labeled "hard to adopt" or "unadoptable" by ordinary standards. Some of our Sanctuary Goldens are only with us until they become well enough to be adopted, or until that "special" home is found. Others will receive love and care here at the Sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

No Golden Retriever is ever turned away from Almost Heaven because of age or health. Each Golden here is considered a valued member of our "family".

Young, healthy Goldens are also welcomed into our rescue. These Goldens are frequently housed in experienced Foster Homes where they receive any necessary medical treatment, including spay/neuter, begin learning manners (if needed), and are evaluated for placement.

Carol Free is also a founding member of GRREAT, a long-lived Golden Retriever Rescue based in Maryland and Virginia. She was responsible for preparing and submitting the necessary documents to obtain their nonprofit status, acting as first Vice President and Treasurer, first Newsletter Editor, first Intake and Adoption Coordinator, and the creator and founder of "Adoption Days". While no longer affiliated with GRREAT, we at Almost Heaven respect and admire GRREAT's dedication, work, and organization.

Mixed Goldens are accepted as long as space permits, and as long as the dog looks basically Golden, and has a Golden Retriever personality.

Almost Heaven operates solely on donations, grants, and fundraising activities. Food, medical care and supplies, crates, blankets, and of course, good old cash is always appreciated and gratefully accepted. Please keep in mind that we are a non-profit organization and that your donation will not only enable us to save more Goldens, it's also fully tax-deductible. We kindly ask for your support even if you are unable to adopt at this time. Almost Heaven gratefully accepts all donations.

We also accept Paypal donations, please use the following button:

And, please, remember our Sanctuary Goldens in your prayers.


Sponsor a Senior or Special Needs Golden

Become an Angel Golden Retriever Angel

So many Senior and Special Needs Goldens do not find "forever homes". Many of these dogs have above average medical needs and costs, are maintained on "special" diets, or have other extraordinary needs. Your donations can be targeted towards a particular Senior or Special needs Golden Retriever. As a sponsor, you will receive updates about your "special" Golden, and will be mentioned in our quarterly newsletter as the dog's sponsor. We also accept Paypal donations, please use the following button: Please keep in mind that we are a non-profit organization and that your donation is fully tax-deductible. Please just write the Golden's name in the memo line of your check when sponsoring a Golden Retriever.

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