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Almost Heaven's Adoptable & Resident Dogs

12 Nov 2015 ~ Question: Is AHGRRS going out of business? Answer: No, AHGRRS is NOT closing its Doors. Although a different rescue with a similar name has decided to close. AHGRRS has been saving lives since 2002 and plans to continue accepting as many orphan dogs - as space and finances allow.

Your donations will help keep our doors open to those who need us most. We have Adoptable Dogs (click HERE) in need of homes and many permanent residents who will never know the joy of living in a family environment because they are so damaged, old, or sick that they are best suited to living out their lives with us - here at the Sanctuary. Please consider giving a homeless dog a home.

Click Here to take a Virtual Tour of Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary.

  • Let us know via email ( if there is a dog listed that you would like to offer a forever home. If we think you are a good match for that adoptable animal, we will ask you to submit a completed application. You can obtain Adoption Information and an Application by clicking HERE. Completed applications may be emailed to:

    Please, we request that you don't call us until you have an approved application on file, as it is a volunteer owned phone. Calls will be answered when possible. For the fastest response, please email us.

Dogs adopted from Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary are eligible for 30-Days of PetFirst health insurance for your pet
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Meet Almost Heaven's Adoptable Dogs Looking for Forever Homes and Our Permanent Residents


"Hamlet" aka Hambone- Male, Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd Mix

18 month old Hamlet is a great boy - plain and simple. He had a rough beginning when his owner abandoned him at a vet hospital - but, it was the beginning of a great life for him. Hamlet was rescued by a very kind and generous family who took him in and began looking for alternative situations for him. Although they love him, health issues would not allow them to make him a permanent part of their family. So Hamlet is now safe and sound with us until he finds a permanent forever home. Hamlet is crate trained, housebroken, loves other dogs, and is very affectionate. He is an active dog, and should be with an owner who understands Hamlet needs exercise - and maybe some agility work could be in his future?

If you would like to offer Hamlet a forever home, please submit your application.


Stella - Female, Golden Retriever Mix

3 1/2 year old Stella is homeless through no fault of her own. Stella is learning just how nice life can be as an inside dog - and is doing very well. Stella gets along fine with all the other dogs here, but sometimes she can be a little bossy. She's a big girl - overweight at just over 100 pounds, but good nutrition, exercise, and weight management will take care of that. Stella is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and heartworm/lymes/ehrlichia negative and on preventative.

If you would like to offer Stella a forever home, please submit an application.



Milo - Male, Golden Retriever Mix

1-2 year old Milo had a hard life prior to his arrival as he lived with a person who simply had more animals than he could care for properly. And, somewhere, somehow, Milo suffered an injury to his eye - now beyond treatment - but it doesn't seem to bother him one bit. Milo is one of the happiest dogs we've had here in a long time. He's very easy going, gets along with every other dog, and craves human attention and love. We do feel he would do best in a home with at least one other dog as he seems to crave and thrive on canine companionship. He will make some lucky adopter a very happy person.

If you would like to offer Milo a forever home, please submit an application.



Ginger - Male, Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd Mix

5 year old Ginger's owner could no longer care for her - so, she's looking for a new home. Ginger is learning crate training and becoming used to being an inside dog. She's decided she likes it. Ginger gets along with all the other dogs here - big and small - and is about as sweet as a dog can possibly be. Ginger is spayed, vaccinated, and heartworm/lymes/ehrlichia negative and on preventative.

If you would like to offer Ginger a forever home, please submit your application.



Lula- Female, Labrador Retriever/Shar Pei Mix

5 year old Lula lost her home through no fault of her own. Her owner simply could not care for her and Georgia Peaches any more. Lula is adorable - pictures do not do her justice. She and Georgia Peaches have been lifelong companions, and we would really like to find them a home where they can remain together (if at all possible) - but we think Lula would do just fine as long as her new home has another other canine companion for her.

If you would like to offer Lula a forever home, please submit your application.


Jake- Male, Labrador Retriever Mix

1-2 year old Jake lived with a hoarder and was taken to the local shelter when conditions became life threatening. This little dog was almost starved to death, but, as you can see, he is now healthy, happy, and ready to make some lucky adopter very happy. Jake has one brown eye, and the other eye is brown with a big splash of blue in it. He is a very unique looking boy and a total sweetheart. Jake has enough energy to entertain you for as long as you might like.

If you would like to make Jake a part of your family, please submit an application.


Lucille - Female, Golden Retriever Mix

2-4 year old Lucille was found after she had apparently been run over by a car. Besides a broken leg, she also had a collar embedded in her neck. Despite the obvious lack of care that this poor girl received in her short past, she is now a happy, healthy, outgoing girl and she would LOVE to have a new home soon. We can find no faults with this little lady, she is totally crate trained and gets along with all the other dogs here.

If you are interested in giving Lucille a forever home, please submit an application.


Georgia Peaches

Georgia Peaches- Female, Jack Russell Terrier Mix

8-10 year old Georgia Peaches came to us with her "sister", Lula when their owner could no longer provide for them. Peaches is a total love, and only weighs about 35 pounds. She is not a big dog. As Peaches and Lula appear to be bonded, we would like to see them go to a new home together. In lieu of that, their new home must have another dog in it as they really enjoy canine company (as well as human).

Peaches is spayed, UTD on all vaccines, heartworm negative and would really love to have her own person to love - soon. If you think you might be that person, please submit your application.

Georgia Peaches
Georgia Peaches
Georgia Peaches

Pawline- Female, Golden Retriever

4 - 5 year old Pawline was dumped at a shelter by her owner and it's obvious to us that she has not been treated very well in her ilfe. Despite it all, Pawline is coming out of her shell, and we think she will be ready for adoption to the right home soon. Pawline does have issues - her biggest issue concerns food - and she does have some food aggression. Because of this, Pawline would do best in a quiet, adults only home - a home that is experienced in dealing with dogs who are not perfect, and who will respect the fact that Pawline will need some extra care, training, and work to become the pet that we think she could one day become. She wants to be someone's best friend so badly - we hope to find that someone for her.

If you would like to offer Pawline a place in your home and heart, loving home, please submit your application.

Biscuit Basket

Biscuit Basket - Male, Hound (Unknown Type) Mix

Biscuit Basket is estimated to be between 6 - 8 years young and is a very endearing dog. Biscuit landed in a rural shelter when his elderly owner could no longer care for him and his two canine housemates. The housemates quickly found new homes, but poor Biscuit, who takes a little while to warm up to strangers, was left behind. Biscuit can be picky about his canine companions - he doesn't like high energy, in his face dogs at first. He is learning - he is worth it.

If you would like to offer Biscuit Basket a forever, loving home, please submit your application.

Biscuit Basket

Duckie - Female, Labrador Retriever Mix

Duckie came to us last year after she gave birth to some incredible puppies. Duckie was found living feral and taken to a rural shelter where she curled up inside a plastic doghouse in subzero temperatures - waiting for her pups to be born - and most likely die in the bitter cold. We saved her in the nick of time and got her to the vet's. Duckie has ongoing skin issues due to the neglect she has suffered - but if ever a dog deserves a good home - Duckie is that girl. She is initially very shy. She will be a "project" dog for anyone who adopts her. Please consider giving this poor girl a chance at a normal life so she can see just how good it can be to be a dog. She is totally crate trained and not at all aggressive.

If you would like to offer Duckie a forever home, please submit your application.


Hiker - Male, Boston Terrier / Boxer Mix

5 - 7 year old Hiker was abandoned by his owners and taken to the county shelter. Black dogs have a difficult time getting adopted, and so Hiker languished there with little hope of finding a home. The shelter workers took a special interest in Hiker because he is such a good boy and that is how he ended up in rescue. Hiker is a love - he's not a big dog by any means, is happy to see us, and has gotten along with every other dog here.

If you would like to give Hiker a second chance at a good home, please submit an application.



OMG Dog - Male, Golden Retriever Mix

Why would someone abandon a 14 year old dog in a high volume high kill shelter? Sorry - we can't think of a single reason that would excuse someone from doing that to a sweet soul like OMG Dog. But, someone did - however, he's safe now. This old fellow is intact - and we will follow our veterinarians advice about neutering him at this age. He appears to be a healthy old soul, who loves the one he's with - and is content to simply be.

If you would like to give OMG a place to spend his retirement, please submit an application.

Fluffy Rex

Fluffy Rex- Male, Golden Retriever Mix

15 year old Rex's owner had a life change - and he couldn't go with her, even though it was obvious that she loved him very much. Rex is as cute as he can be - and he LOVES people. But - he can be a little choosy about his canine companions. Rex is intact, and we are going to let our veterinarians make the decision about what is best for his health future. Rex is surprisingly agile and has no obvious disabilities. Rex is fine here, but he would love to spend his retirement in a real home.

If you can find it in your heart to offer Rex a place in your home, please submit an application.

Fluffy Rex

Fluffy Rex
Benji before
Benji upon arrival at shelter

Benji- Male, Norfolk Terrier Mix

5-7 year old Benji was not loved prior to going to the shelter in a rural community. Poor little Benji was in such terrible condition, so matted, so unkempt, that the shelter had trouble telling which end of him was which.

Someone really mistreated Benji as he is VERY distrustful of new people. Benji is not a available for adoption due to trust issues and fear-biting. For now, he will remain with us as permanet resident. Sponsors and donations towards his care is always greatly appreciated.

Benji now
A very kind lady (and professional groomer)
took Benji to her shop and gave him a haircut - take a look at our boy now!

Tigger - Male, Labrador Retriever Mix

1 - 2 year old Tigger is hard to resist, isn't he? Who wouldn't fall in love with that face? Tigger is just an all round good dog ~ he gets along with every living thing here, and would fit into almost any household.

If you would like to offer Tigger a forever home, please submit an application.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear - Male, Collie/Golden Retriever Mix

6 - 8 year old Teddy Bear came to us alongwith Panda Bear, who we understand is his littermate. Teddy and Panda were adopted and lived on a farm, unsocialized, and severely neglected for most of their lives. Teddy is slightly more social than Panda, but both dogs have a long way to go before they are ready to be adopted - if ever. For now, they will remain with us. Sponsors for them and donations towards their care are appreciated.

Panda Bear

Panda Bear - Male, Collie/Golden Retriever Mix

6 - 8 year old Panda has not had a very good life. He and his littermate, Teddy Bear, were adopted and lived on a farm, unsocialized, and severely neglected for most of their lives. Panda is slowly learning to trust us, and we are hopeful that he and Teddy might one day find their way into a forever home. For now, they will remain with us. Sponsors for them and donations towards their care are appreciated.

Sophie 1

Sophie 2

Sophie - Female, Bloodhound

Sophie came to us at 6 months of age directly from her breeder. Sophie was dwarfed, emaciated, had numerous injuries, and was afraid to eat.

It seems that Sophie had been kennelled with her mother, who would literally try to tear her head off every time she got near the food bowl.

Sophie's injuries included a dislocated hip, a crushed pelvis with so many healing breaks that our vet stopped counting, and a dislocated shoulder. It is the opinion of our vet that Sophie, one of 17 in her litter, had been rolled on or stepped on repeatedly by her mother. It was our vet's opinion that her injuries were too old to be treated, and as Sophie was mobile, though with a limp, that we should just leave well enough alone.

Our biggest issue was convincing Sophie that she could eat - and not be attacked. It took weeks to convince her that food was a good thing. She didn't need to bury it, she didn't need to hide it, she didn't need the blankets over her crate and the lights turned off - in order to enjoy her meal.

Sophie has come a long way. She is a very happy, well adjusted dog. She will never be "normal". We monitor her physical activities very carefully to make sure she does not injure herself further as another injury could spell the end of the line for our Sophie girl.

Sophie is a very special dog. Despite all the horrible things that have happened to her - she is loving and accepting of all humans. She is food aggressive with other dogs (no reason to wonder why) - but loves to play, play, play outside.

Sophie is probably unadoptable. She needs controlled exercise and if she is injured - would probably not survive treatment.

Cody 1

Cody 2

Cody - Male, Golden Retriever Mix

Cody came to us on a rather large transport from a shelter in the Carolinas. The dogs on this transport were loaded into crates aboard a horse trailer for their ride to safety/rescue. Cody escaped his crate, and only the quick thinking of the truck driver following the trailer saved his life.

Upon seeing Cody's paws at the top of the door to the trailer, the trucker started weaving the lanes of I-95 and slowing down. He was also frantically trying to signal the driver of the transport vehicle.

Without much hesitation, Cody leaped out of the trailer and onto I-95. Thankfully, the truck driver had traffic stopped by now, and people banned together to capture our boy, who only suffered a few bruises and abrasions.

Cody is an escape artist. Cody has escaped every pen, run, cable, kennel, and crate (except the gorilla crate) we have put him in. Luckily, for the most part, he is a happy dog and doesn't stray very far from home.

Cody is also storm phobic - and reacts to loud noises, such as gun fire or fire works. It has been a challenge to find a situation that would be right for him. Cody is fine as long as his "person" is with him. Left alone - he knows only one thing - and that is escape.

We'd love to find Cody a home where he would be safe to roam a bit and where he would have someone home with him a lot. He's fine here with us, though until that home becomes available.

Bo Before (Upon Arriving at Almost Heaven)
Bo 1

Bo Now
Bo 2


Bo - Male, Bloodhound

Bo came to us from a shelter in Kinston, NC after he had bitten a child. We were shocked by Bo's condition - emaciated - bones sticking out everywhere, eyes sunken. It seems Bo's owners tied him outside and then tried to starve him to death. When he bit a child trying to get the food in her hands - he was sent to the shelter to die.

Bo has come a long way, but still has "triggers" that pop up when we least expect it. He loves other dogs - it's people he distrusts - and apparently with good cause.

Bo does just fine here with us, but is not suitable for adoption. He's a big boy with a big heart - but, sadly, his temperment will just never be suitable to family living.

Here's a recent picture of our boy. Quite a difference, huh?


Bessie - Female, Black and Tan Coonhound

Bessie came to us from a shelter in Elkins, WV. It is obvious - even to a blind man - that Bessie was used extensively for breeding. Bessie is a Senior hound girl who is just full of life and happiness. Bessie gets along with every living thing - and just loves to sneak into Carol's house whenever she can for a cookie. Bessie does suffer from dry eye which requires some care at least 3 - 4 times daily. She is sighted, runs and plays, and has no other health issues we are currently aware of. We would LOVE to find Bessie a home to live out her life. This poor old dog deserves people of her own.

Donations towards her care and/or medical expenses are always appreciated.


Oscar - Male, Black and Tan Coonhound

Our "Oskie" is one heck of a special dog. He's mostly blind now - but has enough sight to find his way to my back deck for a good snooze in the sun. Oskie gets along with everyone, loves to sneak inside my house for treats, appears perfectly housebroken, and is a totally loving, gorgeous dog - inside and out. We would LOVE to find our "Oskie" a retirement home - but like the other residents here, he is welcome to stay with us.

Donations towards his care are always appreciated.


Moses - Male, Bloodhound

Moses was dumped in a high-kill shelter in Georgia - with a badly torn ear, and heartworm disease. Volunteers and friends of AHGRR drove Moses to his new home here in WV- and to medical care and safety. Moses was treated successfully for heartworm disease, neutered, and had a large hanging appendage removed. Moses gets along fine with most dogs and can be quite funny - but, he does have moments of being anti-social - and it can lap over from canine to human.

Moses would be fine in the right home. He would be an amusing, funny, and sometimes affectionate friend. But - that home would need to fit his "special" needs.

Donations towards his care are always appreciated.


Baron - Male, Bloodhound

2 - 3 year old Baron ended up homeless and in a shelter with no chance of adoption because, in true bloodhound fashion, he protected himself against what he considered to be a threat. Baron is a young, healthy, dog that would make a great working bloodhound - or a housepet for someone familiar with the breed and willing to work with his "issues".
Update: Baron was sent to "bloodhound college" with the Virginia Dept of Corrections. Baron LOVES to track. He will run tracks forever - but, sadly, it's not always the same track - so, he's a college dropout looking for a new home.

Donations towards his care are always appreciated.


Sniffy - Male, Bloodhound

Update October 2014: Literally, overnight our Sniffy became extremely ill. It was obvious that he was in tremendous pain, and within less than 12 hours became almost unable to walk, stopped eating, and was hypersensitive to all touch. Sniffy was rushed to our veterinarians where he fought for his life for 3 days. The tests confirmed an autoimmune disease - not completely definite, but appears to be a form of immune deficient polyarthritis. Sniffy's condition is currently under control - but his veterinary bills total over $1,000. Donations are needed at this time. Please - he's only 3 1/2 years old - we just couldn't let him die. At this time, Sniffy is not available for adoption.

Donations towards his care are always appreciated.


Spirit - Female, Mastiff

Spirit has a wonderful personality. This dog just adores other dogs, but physically, she is not put together very well and injures very easily. Spirit has had numerous operations on her eyes to correct a variety of issues, including cherry eye, entropian, and lid "flap". Her eyes are very deep set and even after all the surgeries, she has little to no peripheral vision because of the physical makeup of her face. Spirit has also become periodically incontinent. It is not all the time - and just when we think we have the problem solved with medication, it will begin again. But, she's fine on her Kuranda bed (which is washable), and loves to be outside under the trees in nice weather. Spirit will probably live out her life with us though she is available for adoption to a family willing to work with her medical issues.

Donations towards her care and/or medical expenses are always appreciated.

Jake and Jasper


Lawn mower - Jake (his brother Jasper recently passed away) - were abandoned at their prior home when their owner was evicted from the property.

Wonderful for keeping the fields "mowed" where lawn mowers cannot go.

Updated: November 2015

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