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Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary Logo

Welcome to Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. We are very proud of our facility and the wonderful care that our residents receive. Come along with us - we are going to take you on a tour!

To the right - over the privacy fence, you can see our main kennel house - and behind it is our storage trailer.

Our main kennel house has been rehabbed - inside and out. Most dogs enjoy the comfort of 54" crates while inside on inclement days, complete with bedding (for those who don't eat it) - and a new, expanded, safe play yard.

The main kennel house serves as home for 15 dogs. It is complete with a 13000 BTU Air conditioner, 2 Micro Heaters (for those chilly winter days), a commercial exhaust fan, and 3 slider windows to let in plenty of sunshine and fresh air. We house the dogs indoors in 54" crates so that they have plenty of room to move around and stretch out to sleep.

To the right of the flowerbed is the corner of our "Old Folks" facility - only a couple of our oldsters still reside there. They spend most of every day hanging out on my back deck, and enjoying the shade from the many mature trees in their shared play yard.

Play yard #1 and storage trailer to the right

Back Deck and Play yard #2


We had hoped to retire the "Old Folks" kennel this year and convert it entirely to storage - but due to 2 of our bloodhounds being returned from bloodhound school (they flunked), and lack of foster and adoptive homes for the few adoptables, we have had to keep it up and running. Spirit, English Mastiff, calls it home. She is pictured here on her Kuranda bed. Spirit is mostly incontinent. Medications have not helped her to date, but we are still trying.

A section of the Old Folks Kennel serves as our "storage facility" for our food. We try to keep a minimum of 10 bags of food on hand. We now feed most of our population Southern States Naturals Chicken, Rice and Pearled Barley Dog Food. We do have a few dogs who eat Iams Minichunks.

The "Old Folks" kennel is equipped with 2 windows w/screens, a roof exhaust (which pulls in lots of fresh, clean air), 2- 5000 btu air conditioners for those hot summer days, and 2 micro heaters for chilly winter evenings. Right now it is home for Oscar, Jackson, Bessie, and Spirit.

2017-2018 Shelter Certificate

We are licensed here in Hampshire County- proud to say we've been in business for over 10 years as Almost Heaven - and proud to be a founding member of GRREAT in Virginia!

The dogs LOVE company - and we do, too. Just call ahead so that we don't schedule too many folks at one time. We like each visitor to have uninterrupted time with the residents here. Feel free to bring a camera, wear old clothes, and be prepared for lots of slobbery kisses!

This building once housed some of our adoptables while they were waiting for their new owners to claim them. We want to thank Holly Rich for taking so much of her very valuable time to work with the dogs housed here - training, grooming, and loving them. We are now considering several business ventures that could be handled in this facility that would help support the rescue. Any money making ideas are welcome.

This building was built as a boarding facility - but we found that we are just a bit too remote for most people to visit and use our facilities. It also became obvious very quickly that hiring and keeping help in this remote location was going to be a very large stumbling block. However, after relocating the fences, we feel this building will make a wonderful new home for our "Old Folks". Complete with heat, air conditioning, and it's own fenced yard and porch - what more could a pooch want? We will complete the interior work needed to make it home for them as funds become available.

Future Senior Residents Building

Our storage building used for storing excess crates, pans, collars, leads, and supplies.

Quarantine Building

Almost Heaven is a licensed Hampshire County, WV rescue. We have been operating at the same location for over 10 years.

Carol Free (Windsor), founding member of AHGRR, is also a founding member of GRREAT, one of the most prolific and long lived golden retriever rescues in existence today.

Almost Heaven was a dream come true for Carol and Skip. It was a place that those dogs who were deemed unadoptable, or hard to adopt, could come to live out their lives, however long that may be. What many people seem to have forgotten is that the name of this organization contains "and Sanctuary" - and, that's what it has become for those that have been left behind, unadopted, and forgotten.

People have asked why a Golden Retriever rescue has become so involved with other breeds. The answer is simple - they needed help. It doesn't take a genius to know that the homeless goldens that find themselves in shelters have a barrage of rescues and rescuers waiting in line to help them to safety and to new homes. Many of these same rescues will not take other breeds - even when they come from the same home as the golden they rescue.

Over the years, many of our residents were transferred to us from other rescues due to lack of appropriate foster homes - or unadoptability. Max was such a case.


Max had spent most of his life in a crate. He was rescued and placed in a foster home where the situation went so well the foster home expressed an interest in adopting Max. However, as the time to make their home a permanent one for Max drew near, they decided a puppy would be a better choice for them. Max did not tolerate this final insult well. He did not do well in either of his next foster homes, and his rescuers wondered if their only option was to euthanize this poor dog who was by now about 10 years old - and still homeless. Max was transferred to AHGRRS where he lived out his remaining days in comfort and harmony.

The same was true of Roo, a golden mix from the south.

Roo 1

Roo only had 2 legs (rear), and could be a small terror when it suited him. He could also be extremely loving, and once bonded to you, was a wonderful boy.

Roo 2

Due to Roo's physical limitations, he was mostly incontinent. During inclement weather, it was not uncommon to change his bedding 3 - 4 times daily. Due to his physical challenges, and his resulting personality quirks - Roo was transferred to AHGRRS. We lost our little Roo unexpectedly last year. He is dearly missed. Visit our In Memory of Our Goldens - Rainbow Bridge Page before you leave our Site. It is a section dedicated to those dogs we were privileged to know and help in their life's journey.

Almost Heaven Woods

Those hot summer days are no problem here at AHGRRS. This year round, free flowing stream is deep enough in spots for even our biggest dogs to take a dip and cool off in the shade.

Almost Heaven Stream

Thank you for taking the time to go on tour with us, meet our residents, and look back at our history. Come visit us - - - - - - -

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